When visiting Curacao, one of the most exciting things is discovering the great beaches. Curacao has lots of different kinds of beaches and bays. Some small, some big. Whether you feel like discovering a small and quiet beach or enjoying a larger beach with a trendy beach club: everything is possible!

Easy going
Cas Abou
Grote Knip
Daaibooi Beach
Caracas Bay
Kokomo Beach
Blue Bay
Playa Porto Mari
Kleine Knip

Mambo Beach
Cabana Beach
Zest Beach
Zanzibar Beach
Papagayo Beach Club
Lions Dive Beach

Playa Jeremi
Playa Lagun
Playa Kalki
Klein Curacao

Wanna go surfing?
Playa Kanoa
Sint Joris Baai
Windsurfing Curacao

Papagayo Beach